About monika

Hi there! Thanks for finding your way to my blog and connecting with me. I'm a media mutt with more than a decade of experience in digital, broadcast, and print media management. I spontaneously make bizarre faces and say things in strange voices for effect and break out in song with my own made up lyrics that are generally awful although my son usually appreciates my enthusiasm. My husband isn’t quite sure what to think.

I’ll take you on my #GingerAdventures, share funny stories, great gadgets (and those that you shouldn’t waste your money on), and let you geek out with me while I give you video, storytelling, and digital tips to make your life easier.

As a “good eater” (thanks Mom), I will review dishes and share wines/cocktails I enjoy that won’t break the bank. And, my favorite—get to know you and live chat about all kinds of topics, including those that might make us blush and have bologna anxiety sweat. (Just me?) My community is one of inclusiveness and belonging. If that’s your jam too, let’s do it! I can’t wait to get to know you and connect.