That's Why They Call Me...

This is one of those stories, I’m not quite sure how to start without just getting in it. Let’s just say that my inner thighs were super warm. I mean, warmer than normal. I asked my husband to feel how warm they were (this was curiosity not romance, just in case you were going there :). He exclaims, “Wow! They are really hot.” Me: “That’s why they call me hot crotch Monika!” He asks laughing and alarmed, “Who calls you that?” Me: “No one! Oh my goodness! Well, I do I guess.”

That’s why they call me ‘Don’t Pee Your Pants Monika!
— Some Smartypants

Of course, I have to share with my girlfriends and it’s turned in to us now saying, “‘That’s why they call me two drink Monika! That’s why they call me don’t pee your pants Monika! That’s why they call me happy plate Monika!’” OK, that’s enough of that. You get the idea.

Have anything like this you’re brave enough to share?