The Tale of Two Bracelets

We started out as a girl gang of seven. Kicking ass and taking names. Well. That’s not exactly true. We were in the good fight and taking a beating, but it’s like that damn bell wouldn’t ding and our boxing shorts were riding up, we had camel toe, and sweating like pigs. Kicking ass and taking names sounds so much better though right?

So, what does any good steel magnolia do? You have jewelry made. I went to one of my best gal pals, Brandy McNair, for a little inspirational retail therapy at Bella Vita Jewelry. I quickly decided on brass bracelets. I was drawn to the feminist “Bitches Get Stuff Done” theme, but can’t bring myself to wear curse words on anything, so after we talked it through, landed on a brass bracelet with a sweet little heart on the right edge. And on the inside: bad ass bitches. BABs.

We’re now a girl gang of six. I wear my mom’s bracelet too. And that’s the tale of how one bracelet became two.